The history of the United States is undeniably complicated. What is further undeniable is its structure to oppress people of color at every turn. With each law put into place, white Americans further disenfranchised Black people through lawful loopholes that made getting away with discrimination an easy task. People of color, especially Black Americans, live in a society designed for their failure.

Positionality determines success, and our institutions have upheld practices for generations that deny Black Americans equity. The school-to-prison pipeline, for example, underscores the correlation between lack of funding and lack of education. Lack of education often leads to…

The bulk of the civil rights movement itself took place in the Southern United States. Though Jim Crow laws had remained for nearly 100 years, Black Americans protested disenfranchisement at the start of the reconstruction era. The decades-long campaign would get most of its traction during the 1950s and 60s.

The civil rights movement is one of the most taught subjects in U.S.public schools. The results of which led to the end of segregation. By the mid-20th century, Black Americans had dealt with enough prejudice and oppression by their white counterparts, which led to organized protests showing solidarity. Late 1955…

This cultural conversation is just beginning.

Since the first Black body was stolen from the shores of Africa, there has been unjust treatment against Black people in America that continues in our institutions. The Civil Rights Movement was an organized effort by Black Americans to end racial discrimination and change institutional practices to bring forth equal rights to all Americans. Taking place primarily between the 1950s and ’60s in the Southern United States, the (mostly) nonviolent movement addressed a nation riddled with white supremacy and sought to create a society where Black people could feel safe in their own country. …

Dallas Ryan Parker

Truth and Social Justice. Writing for justice. Writing what I know. Uncomfortable truths. And even more uncomfortable solutions.

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